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FOX News
Mar 25, 2013 8:00am PDT
the search for a brown university student missing for a week. investigators say the 22-year-old left his apartment without his wallet and cell phone. >>> two georgia teens charged with murdering a toddler are due in court today. the boys stand accused of shooting the 1-month-old baby in his stroller last week after demanding money from his mother. jenna: awful story. jon: just appalling. jenna: cyprus is avoiding bankruptcy with a last minute deal some say may be a template for bailouts to come. european bankers and imf stepping in to save the nation's banking system with a 10 billion euro bailout that is roughly $13 billion in our currency. as part of the deal, this is the key. the local government raising taxes and puttings levies on some bank deposits. greg palkot is live outside parliament in the capitol of cyprus with more. greg? >> reporter: hey, jenna, the folks in cyprus right now are breathing a sigh of relief. they have avoided going under but at a cost. the deal struck with the european union was a tough one. probably why we saw protests here every day we've been here. one
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 8:00am PDT
a train wreck and want my money up front in cash in a brown-bag. jenna: sounds smart. >> reporter: yeah. jenna: all things considered. >> reporter: i had clients like that. jenna: i want to hear more about that. >> reporter: can't tell you. don't tell the irs. jenna: gregg, thank you. jon: well, march means springtime, st. paddie's day and of course college basketball. march madness begins this week. yesterday was selection sunday, the die schools across-country schools learn whether or not they made the grade. this year people will put an estimated $3 billion, with a b, dollars into office pools and tournament brackets. the tournament will also cost employers some big bucks. estimated $134 billion in lost wages just during the first two days of play. 7% of people are expected to take time off from work, just to watch the games. as if that wasn't enough basketball for you, in the nba, the miami heat, they're marching toward history. they're riding on an amazing 22-game-winning streak. they haven't lost since super bowl sunday and are inching closer to the longest win streak in nba
FOX News
Mar 26, 2013 8:00am PDT
that it is a landmark case and all of the comparisons are being made to brown versus the board of education, to row v wade. what comparisons work here if at all. >> in so farce the questions are concerned the comparisons you gave work just fine. the questions are huge. this could be the brown versus board of education for gay and lesbian people, that's based on the question. we don't know what the answer will be of course. in fact i would venture that nobody does, not even the justices who heard the case this morning. they will vote tomorrow and then at least they will know. they were all over the map with their questions today. as you know there is a procedural problem with the case in that the state of california chose not to appeal a lower court decision finding prop 8 unconstitutional, finding the ban on same-sex marriage in california unconstitutional. so prop 8 is being defending by those who ooh supported it and there is a real question whether that makes the case a real case or controversy for the court to decide. my initial take is it would go up on that and the court wou
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3